Juvenile Law

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The laws of Texas stipulate that a child can be held criminally responsible for their actions once they are ten years of age. And each day in the state, a family is devastated by the arrest of a child.

Once a juvenile is taken into custody the process moves quickly. Your child will be transported to a juvenile processing facility and you will be notified of the arrest. Your child will also appear before a judge or magistrate within 48 hours who will determine the fate of your child while awaiting their day in court. It is important for you to move just as quickly at preparing a defense for your child.

The shock you experience when your child is arrested will cause you to ask questions like:

Will my son or daughter face jail time?

What are the differences between the juvenile and adult criminal systems?

How will an arrest and/or conviction affect the future of my child?

Do not make the mistake many parents make and assume your child will not require legal counsel due to their juvenile status. It is important to take the initiative to protect your child from the serious consequences that can result from their arrest. You need to have someone who will take the welfare of your child seriously while helping you and your family to negotiate the confusing world of juvenile crime laws in Texas. We are here to help!

The Right to Silence

If your child is arrested in the Collin County, Texas area by police officers, do not consent to a statement. You should also make sure your child understands that it is his or her right to maintain their silence if ever arrested.

The Right to Counsel

You and your family should not attempt to handle the arrest of a child alone. Legal matters for juveniles can become quite complex. You will be thankful for the knowledge and service you receive from a skilled and competent juvenile attorney.

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