Guardianship Proceedings

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If you are considering applying for Guardianship of a loved one, it important to understand the options available. Consulting with and retaining an experienced attorney should be your first move with respect to Guardianship proceedings. That is because the entire process will be overseen by a Court who is concerned with the welfare of the individual who will have the Guardian appointed to them.

Guardians are held to a high standard by the Courts and their duties are complex. There are 2 kinds of Guardians – a guardian of the person and a guardian of the property.

A guardian of the person handles the actual physical care of the person. This includes medical care, home health care and all of the day to day physical care that the person would handle for themselves that they no longer can handle on their own.

A guardian of the property handles business transactions, finances, property management, the sale of assets and any other transactions that have to do with the person’s property. Meticulous records must be kept and they are subject to review and scrutiny by the Court.

As you can see, a guardianship proceeding is a highly complex matter and should only be handled by an attorney with requisite experience. You must be prepared to make a commitment of time to your duties before filing for guardianship.

This is why consulting with and retaining counsel is a vital first step in the process. Saldana Collins Law Firm is professional and focused on the client’s needs and satisfaction. Call them today 972-369-0307 to schedule a consultation.