Immigration Law

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Immigration laws and statutes include a labyrinth of complex information that requires years of study and practice to understand.

Trusting your immigration case to a notary or an unqualified individual can have both serious consequences.

For this reason, you should also not attempt to handle immigration matters on your own.

We are available to help you in a number of matters that include, but are not limited to:

  • Visa Application Services;
  • Consular Processing;
  • Non-Immigrant Applications;
  • V.A.W.A. (Violence Against Women Act) – men do qualify;
  • D.A.C.A. (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals);
  • U visas;
  • Deferred Action Cases (military or medical);
  • Parole in Place (PIP-military);
  • Family-Based Immigration;
  • FOIA investigations (immigration background and fingerprint background check);
  • Deportation Defense;
  • Citizenship and Naturalization;
  • Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions;
  • Responding to request for evidence (RFE’s);
  • Responding to case denials;
  • ICE bond requests;
  • Provisional Waiver (I-601A);
  • Waivers (I-601 and I-212); and
  • Renewal of legal permanent resident status and work authorizations.

We have assisted countless families.

We reunite and keep families together in the United States.

We have assisted first responders, military families and veterans and are happy to provide a discount to those that are first responders or have served our Country!

If you have a desire to legalize your status, become a United States citizen or maintain lawful status contact us at 972-369-0307.

You can also reach the firm by using this online contact form.